OCB and Emotional Intelligence

An Analysis of Correlation between Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) and Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Author: Esmaeil Yaghoubi ; Sina Ahmadzadeh Mashinchi ; Abdollahi Hadi Journal: Modern Applied Science Year: 2011 Vol: 5 Issue: 2


This paper examines the relationship of organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) with emotional intelligence (EI) of the followers. Organizational citizenship behavior can be defined as voluntary and spontaneous behaviors that extend beyond employees’ normal job duties. In other word, Organizational citizenship behaviors (OCB) describe actions in which employees are willing to go above and beyond their prescribed role requirements.

A sample of 57 dyads of managers and their supervisors (i.e., 114 respondents) participated in this study. The reliabilities of the scales were .83 organizational citizenship behaviors and .86 emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence was significantly correlated to conscientiousness, civic virtue, and altruistic behaviors of followers. The method suggested by Barron and Kenny (1986) was used to test mediation of organizational citizenship behavior between emotional intelligence, but nothing significant was found. The results indicated that emotional intelligence of the organizational citizenship behavior of followers.

Full Text : PDF

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