Training and Organizational Citizenship Behavior

The Association between Training and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the Digital World
Author: Kamarul Zaman Ahmad Journal: Communications of the IBIMA Year: 2011 Vol: 2011 Issue: 448699 Pages/record No.: 1-11




This research investigated the association between five training variables i.e. availability of training, support for training, motivation to learn, training environment and perceived benefits of training and organizational citizenship behaviour (OCB). OCB was made up of 5 components – altruism, conscientiousness, civic virtue, sportsmanship and courtesy. A questionnaire survey was conducted on 120 employees in Malaysia whose work involved heavy usage of computers and never communicate directly with customers. The training questionnaire was adopted from Ahmad and Raida (2003). OCB was measured by the 21-item questionnaire developed from Podsakoff, MacKenzie, Moorman and Fetter (1990); Podsakoff and MacKenzie, (1994). Support for training, motivation to learn, training environment, and benefits of training are all significantly correlated with all components of OCB with the exception of sportsmanship. This suggests the need for organizations in Malaysia to provide more soft skills training such as changing the mindset and building positive attitudes, even among employees who predominantly work with computers.
Keywords: Training, Organizational citizenship behaviour, computers


Full Text : PDF


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