Comparative Study of Full Range Leadership

Comparative Study of Full Range Leadership Model among Faculty Members in Public and Private Sector Higher Education Institutes and Universities

Muhammad Musarrat Nawaz, Mahmood Ahmad Bodla


Leadership has proved itself to be an interesting topic for researchers. Numerous investigators have studied leadership style in different cultures, organizational settings and occupational levels. Nevertheless, it was rarely examined among teaching staff or faculty members of higher education institutes. The early studies focused on the personalities of the leaders or on their behavior. More recent studies are focusing on a full range of leadership styles, transformational, transactional and passive/avoidant. The current study seeks to determine the leadership style of full time teaching staff employed by public as well as the private higher education institutes. The data was collected through a self-administered questionnaire called Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) from 265 university employees in all. The results revealed that the public sector teaching staff is more transformational than private sector while transactional and passive/avoidant leadership style is more practiced in private sector. Although there are differences in public and private sector yet they are not statistically significant. Implications have been discussed for policy makers and education administrators specifically to develop their faculty for a challenging future. Guidelines for future research have also been provided.

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