Moderating Effects of Subordinates’Competency Level on Leadership

Moderating Effects of Subordinates’ Competency Level on Leadership and Organization Citizenship Behavior

Kim Lian Lee, Abdul Latif Salleh


This paper seeks to examine the relationship between leadership styles and organization citizenship behavior within Malaysian companies. The main motivation for the study is to find out how a superior can achieve a greater understanding of the appropriateness of certain leadership styles when dealing with different subordinates’ competency level. Although there have been several studies that explored the relationship between leadership styles and citizenship behavior, hitherto there has yet a study carried out to examine the moderating effect of subordinates’competency level on such relationship. Based on the literature review the moderating effect of subordinates’ competency level is explored in order to develop the proposed framework of the study. Based on the framework, propositions linking leadership styles, subordinates’competency level and organizational citizenship behavior are developed.

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