The Relationship between Spiritual Leadership

The Relationship between Spiritual Leadership and Issues of Spirituality and Religiosity: A Study of Top Turkish Managers

Evren Ayranci, Fatih Semercioz


In recent years, research focusing on intangible issues in business contexts has flourished. The authors of the current study aimed to contribute to this research by considering managers in terms of their spiritual leadership, spirituality and religiosity. This study addresses these concepts and tests a model that assesses the relationships between the spiritual leadership attributes of top Turkish managers and the spirituality and religiosity of those individuals. The results reveal four key elements. First, the spiritual leadership of top Turkish managers depends upon their wisdom and altruism. In addition, their spirituality is comprised of their approach to immateriality and their spiritual awareness. Furthermore, there are no common factors among spiritual leadership, spirituality and religiosity. Finally, although the factors that form spiritual leadership, spirituality and religiosity have very weak and positive relationships, no statistically significant relationship was found between spiritual leadership and the issues of spirituality and religiosity.

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