Causes of Stress in Organization

Causes of Stress in Organization, a Case Study of Sukkur

Nadeem Bhatti, Amir Hussain Shar, Faiz.M. Shaikh, Muhammad Suhail Nazar


The aim of this study is to investigate the main causes of stress for employees working in different industries in Sukkur and their vicinity. Stress is taken as dependent variable whereas independent variables are categorized into extra-organizational and intra-organizational stressors. Data were collected from different sectors such service, manufacturing and distribution including banks, insurance companies, manufacturing (LU Continental Biscuit Factory Sukkur and Engro Foods) and distribution (Medicine distribution firms). Data were collected through self-administrative questionnaire consisting of 20 questions. Respondents were only the employees
working at operational level. From the results it was quite clear that employees working in different areas feel great stress, there were different causes due to which employee experience stress. Findings have been classified into extra-organizational and intra-organizational stressors.

Extra-organizational stressors include variables such as climate, economic conditions and employee family, whereas intra-organizational stressors include variables such as company policies, working conditions, and leadership, workload and office timings. According to results 33% of overall stress is caused by factors outside organization whereas 67% stress is due to internal factors. It was also found that major cause of stress is workload (25%) because employees are been utilized more than their capabilities, second major cause for stress is timings (16%) as employees work for long hours, next cause for stress is climate (11%) as employees especially from distribution side have to go outside offices to meet their clients and customers so hot weather, traveling distances and transportation system really give them tough time which result in stress. Next stressor is leadership as leader-employee relationship is needed to be very  good but according to some employees their bosses do not behave well due to which they feel stressed. Other causes include economic, family, company policies and working conditions with percentage of 11%, 8%, 7% and 7% respectively.

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Source :

International Journal of Business and Management. Vol 5. No. 11 (2010)


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