Job Satisfaction of Secondary School Teachers

Asian Social Science (ASS).

Job Satisfaction of Secondary School Teachers: A Comparative Analysis of Gender, Urban and Rural Schools

Azhar Mahmood, Saira Nudrat, Muhammad Musaud Asdaque


Job satisfaction is a set of favorable or unfavorable feelings and emotions with which employees view their works. It refers to a collection of attitudes that workers have about their job. The present study was conducted to investigate the difference between gender (male and female teachers) and types of school (urban and rural) about job satisfaction. Study was descriptive in nature and Minnesota satisfaction questionnaire was used to collect data. The data were collected from 785 teachers selected from all Public High schools (192) in one district .The findings were drawn after the descriptive and inferential analysis, Means, Standard Deviation and ‘t’ test, was run to test the hypotheses. Generally teachers were less satisfied with advancement, compensation, supervision human-relation, and working conditions. Female teachers were more satisfied than their male counterparts. There was no significant difference between urban and rural teachers’ job satisfaction.

Full Text: PDF


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