Grand Theory

Halaman ini akan merangkum berbagai teori popular berbagai disiplin ilmu dan di update berkala.

  1. Agency Theory
  2. Absorptive capacity
  3. Actor-network theory
  4. Adaptive structuration theory
  5. Administrative behavior, theory of
  6. Agency theory
  7. Argumentation theory
  8. Clasical Management
  9. Chaos theory
  10. Cognitive dissonance theory
  11. Cognitive fit theory
  12. Competitive strategy (Porter)
  13. Complexity theory
  14. Contingency theory
  15. Critical social theory
  16. Diffusion of innovations theory
  17. Dynamic capabilities
  18. Ecological Symbolic Theory
  19. Ecological Modernization
  20. Evolutionary theory
  21. Expectation confirmation theory
  22. Feminism theory
  23. Game theory
  24. General systems theory
  25. Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory
  26. Hermeneutics
  27. Illusion of control
  28. Information processing theory
  29. Institutional theory
  30. Knowledge-based theory of the firm
  31. Learning Organization
  32. Management by Objective (MBO)
  33. Maslow’s Need Theory
  34. Media richness theory
  35. Organizational information processing theory
  36. Organizational knowledge creation
  37. Organizational Learning
  38. Organizational Behavior
  39. Path Goal Theory
  40. Punctuated Equilibrium Theory
  41. Rational choise
  42. Real options theory
  43. Resource-based view of the firm
  44. Resource dependency theory
  45. Risk Society Theory
  46. Scientific Management
  47. Self-efficacy theory
  49. Social exchange theory
  50. Social cognitive theory
  51. Social network theory
  52. Social capital theory
  53. Socio-technical theory
  54. Soft systems theory
  55. Structuration theory
  56. Task-technology fit
  57. Technology acceptance model
  58. Theory of planned behavior
  59. Theory of reasoned action
  60. Transaction cost economics
  61. Transactive memory theory
  62. Total Quality Management (TQM)
  63. Unified theory of acceptance and use of technology


  1. saya mau tanya, menurut anda apa teori yg tepat jika saya menggunakan judul “pengaruh dana pihak ketiga dan penyaluran kredit terhadap laba operasional.” terimakasih sebelumnya.

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